Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection

The Government of UK strongly advocate for forestation and has been discouraging people from spoiling forests for the sake of environment. Wood by any form comes from trees and so a tree must fall if any wooden item is to be made, however important it may be. New technologies have brought about several changes almost in every department and most of the efforts are geared towards a greener eco friendlier society.

Green household products

Wood briquettes are manufactured by compressing used sawdust or wood chips under both heat and glue to make a very compact material. Extreme heating plus the glue makes the chips and the sawdust rigid together leaving only a tough solid article slimmer than an ordinary construction brick. Purchasing a pack of briquettes is more expensive than buying seasoned logs, but looking deeper into consumption, the former is by far more cost-effective.

By being very compact, briquettes have a longer burn time as compared to logs, sometimes around thrice or more of burning log time. This means that there is a lot to save in cash and time. People love fuel without smoke or with least smoke emission, and briquettes provide just that. When they are burning well they do not emit a lot of disturbing smoke so your chimney is cleaner and the environment too. There burnt coal lasts longer than that of ordinary logs and help the UK forests.